Industry visit of 15 MW /60 MWh VRFB

In July 2018 we have made an industry visit to one of the largest vanadium flow batteries with 15 MW / 60 MWh. The Battery is owned by Hokkaido Electric Power Corp. near Chitose on Hokkaido Island in Japan and built by Sumitomo Corp. The purpose of the battery is to stabilize the grid with frequency regulation but also with peak shift.

Meeting of IEC TC21/TC105 JWG7 Flow Batteries

On October 12th and 13th CENELEST attended the meeting of IEC TC21/TC105 JWG7 on flow batteries in Sapporo/Japan. During two days of fruitful discussions we have worked on the finalisation of three different standards on flow batteries regarding safety, performance and general aspects.

CENELEST has published two papers in Journal of Energy Chemistry

We have published two papers in a coming special issue about Flow Batteries in the Journal of Energy Chemistry. The first paper is a review about additives for vandium flow batteries. The second is about the influence of electrochemical treatment of electrodes for vanadium flow batteries:

Kick-Off Workshop “Research Strategy”

At the end of November 2017, CENELEST’s first workshop on research strategy was held at the University of New South Wales. Participants from other UNSW departments such as Chemical Engineering (Prof. Jie Bao), Electrical Engineering (Prof. John Fletcher), Weather Forecast (Dr. Merlinde Kay) and Power Energy Systems (Dr. Mihai Ciobotaru) as well as Prof. Vassallo from Sustainable Energy Development at the University of Sydney were invited to the one-day meeting.

In addition to the presentation of CENELEST’s planned activities, presentations and discussions were held by all participants on the topic of renewable energies and energy storage. The aim was to identify possible synergies and cooperation opportunities with other departments and to develop a strategy based on relevant challenges, which topics are currently most relevant in terms of energy storage and how they can be addressed. All participants agreed that the topic of energy storage should be dealt with in an interdisciplinary manner and that a more regular exchange of ideas should take place in the future. Regarding the research strategy of CENELEST, starting from the discussions, topics for the year 2018 were formulated and a strategy was developed to implement them.