Participation of SONAR at the Science Night in Bonn

SONAR at Science Night 2022 in Bonn

Over two days, school classes and interested citizens were able to learn about the current state of research in the Bonn region in Germany. To explain the screening process to be developed in SONAR, Fraunhofer SCAI challenged visitors to find the best combination of active materials to build a complete redox flow battery cell. In general the topic of energy storage and in particular flow batteries received a lot of attention and encouragement.

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Participation of SONAR/CENELEST at the International Flow Battery Forum in Brussels

IFBF 2022

From August 28-30, the annual International Flow Battery Forum (IFBF) took place in Brussels, Belgium. SONAR was represented by several participants with posters and a presentation. Results from the SONAR project and standardization of redox flow batteries were reported. In addition, SONAR organized a joint workshop with its sister project COMPBAT on the topic of “Modeling and Simulation” before the actual program of the IFBF began. SONAR was further represented together with FLORES, the European network of EU projects on redox flow batteries, at a booth in the exhibitors’ area. Participants of the IFBF made extensive use of the opportunities to obtain information and to exchange experiences. This year, IFBF had nearly 300 participants from a variety of countries around the world.

Joint workshop of COMPBAT and SONAR in Brussels

COMPBAT/SONAR workshop at IFBF 2022

On June 27, 2022, the two sister projects COMPBAT and SONAR hosted a joint workshop on Modeling and Simulation in Brussels as part of the annual International Flow Battery Forum (IFBF). COMPBAT and SONAR are developing, within the framework of Horizon2020 funded EU projects, high-throughput screening methods for the efficient search of new active materials for future organic redox flow batteries.

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SONAR/CENELEST attended the 31st ISE Topical Meeting in Aachen

31st ISE Topical Meeting Aachen

The 31st Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry was held in Aachen, Germany from May 15 – 19, 2022. Among the participants and as presenters were Dr. Astrid MaaƟ from the Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing (Fraunhofer SCAI) and AA/Prof. Dr. Jens Noack (Fraunhofer ICT / University of New South Wales), project coordinator of SONAR. Astrid presented results from High-Throughput Screening to find new organic active materials for redox flow batteries during a talk and Jens gave an overview talk on the results achieved so far in SONAR.

SONAR is an international collaborative project of several outstanding research institutes and universities to develop a model-based tool to find new organic active materials for future redox flow batteries. The University of New South Wales and CENELEST are project partners of SONAR:

The International Society of Electrochemistry is one of the two leading electrochemical societies worldwide and organizes different conferences in the field of electrochemistry every year. The 31st ISE Topical Meeting was attended by over 150 participants from a variety of different countries around the world.