Internship visits

Within the framework of the scientific work at the University of New South Wales we offer a variety of opportunities for interesting and high-quality internships in the field of research and development of storage systems for renewable energy. The following topics are in focus:

  • Redox Flow Batteries
    • Inorganic and organic Redox Flow Batteries (e.g. Vanadium-RFB, Vanadium/Bromide-RFB, Zn/Br-RFB, Fe/Fe-RFB, V/O2-RFB)
    • Development and investigations of components (Electrodes, Electrolytes, Membranes)
    • Cell development and cell tests
    • Stack develeopment and stack tests
    • System developments and behavior of systems
    • Thermal management of storage systems
    • Modelling and simulation
      • Fluidics, Heat, Electrochemistry
      • Properties of cell, stack and systems
      • Techno-economics of energy storage systems
      • Micro-Grid properties
    • Production and recycling of electrolytes
    • Studies, e.g. feasibility studies
  • Liquid metal batteries
  • Iron/Air batteries
  • Water electrolysis

In addition, there are other topics that cover a wide range of scientific work on energy storage systems. Basically, we focus on the mechanical, physical, chemical and electrochemical properties of materials, up to the behavior of cells and the system in the electrical grid.

Due to the wide range of the topics we offer opportunities for many courses of study and degrees at any time. It is therefore worth asking about internships, even if the topics listed here do not seem to fit at first, but you want to do an internship with us.

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