CENELEST is linking world-class fundmental research and applied research, therefor the work is not only focused on scientific competences, but also on the requirements of industry regarding many aspects of electrochemical stationary energy storage.
This provides industry easier access to the extensive capabilities of both institutions. In addition to the core competencies, this also allows for an in-depth analysis of interdisciplinary issues, e. g. together with the areas of weather forecasting, control systems, grid integration, as well as social aspects, safety and life cycle assessment.

Research topics:
– Chemical and electrochemical basics of materials and redox couples
– Development of cell prototypes,properties and optimization of cells
– Efficient cell and battery concepts
– System prototypes and system properties
– Battery management
– Polymer engineering of components and functional units
– System behavior and optimization during operation within a grid
– Long-term behavior and aging of components and systems
– Physical, electrical and electrochemical modelling and simulation of half cells, cells and systems
– Heat transfer optimization
– Techno-economic modelling
– Safety aspects
– Material availability and recycling
– Assessment and verification of conformity
– Socio-ecological aspects

– Industry funding applications
– Material testing (electrodes, membranes, electrolytes, cell components)
– Cell and system tests
– Consulting
– Smart grid analysis and optimization
– Cost optimization of battery systems