CENELEST takes part in this year’s Smart Energy 2022 in Sydney

Like last year, CENELEST will participate in the largest renewable energy event in Australia. CENELEST will showcase what its engineers and scientists can contribute to the development of storage for renewable energy. Among other things, a working demonstrator for a simulation-based high-throughput screening of organic active materials for novel redox flow batteries from Project SONAR will be presented this time.

The demonstrator allows the calculation of parameters such as redox potentials and cell voltages on the basis of optimised scale models. For this purpose, the user can enter structural formulae of organic chemical compounds and obtain the results within a few seconds. The high-throughput screening will later be able to select from hundreds of thousands of organic compounds those with the highest potential for application as active materials for novel redox flow batteries and calculate their properties.

The Smart Energy Council Conference and Exhibition is the largest meeting place for renewable energy topics in Australia and will take place this year on 4-5 May at the ICC in Sydney, Australia.