CENELEST attended the 18th ModVal in Germany

During March 14-16, 2022, the 18th Symposium on Modeling and Experimental Validation of Electrochemical Energy Technologies (ModVal) was held in Schloss Hohenkammer, Germany. Among the participants and as speakers were Dr. Roman Schärer from the University of Applied Sciences Zurich and AA/Prof. Dr. Jens Noack (Fraunhofer ICT / University New South Wales), project coordinator of SONAR. Roman was present with a poster on the results obtained in SONAR in the field of 0D modeling of redox flow batteries and Jens gave an overview talk on the results obtained so far in SONAR.

SONAR is an international collaborative project of several outstanding research institutes and universities to develop a model-based tool to find new organic active materials for future redox flow batteries. The University of New South Wales and CENELEST are partner in SONAR. https://www.sonar-redox.eu

ModVal is one of the most important conferences on modeling and simulation of electrochemical devices. This year’s conference was held with over 200 attendees from all over the world despite the severe constraints of the COVID pandemic.