CENELEST attended the 32nd ISE Topical Meeting in Stockholm

The 32nd Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) with the topic “Experimental and Modelling Tools for Electrochemical Energy Devices” took place in Stockholm, Sweden from June 20-22, 2022. Among the participants and as an invited speaker was also AA/Prof. Dr. Jens Noack (Fraunhofer ICT / University of New South Wales), project coordinator of SONAR with a presentation of the results achieved so far in the project.

SONAR is an international collaborative project of several outstanding research institutes and universities to develop a model-based tool to find new organic active materials for future redox flow batteries. The University of New South Wales and CENELEST are project partner of SONAR. https://www.sonar-redox.eu

The International Society of Electrochemistry is one of the two leading electrochemical societies worldwide and organizes different conferences in the field of electrochemistry every year. The 32nd ISE Topical Meeting was attended by several hundred participants from a variety of different countries around the world.